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Zak Cassar Photography


As a native of Toronto, Canada, it comes as no surprise that Zak Cassar’s boyhood dream consisted of playing professional hockey. At the age of five, Zak’s father put a camera in Zak’s hands and began teaching him about the composition of photography. When he began seeing the beauty of the world through the lens of a camera, Zak’s dreams took on a whole new view. The magic he could create ignited a passion in Zak for still photography and began his love affair with the camera. Zak began his career in music photography; filming bands, concerts, live promotions and interviews. In 2010, Zak’s major breakthrough in film photography came in the role of “book photographer” for the TV mini-series.  When Zak isn’t behind the camera, you will find him playing hockey or football, sailing, or focusing on the underwater world he has created in his salt water aquarium.

Have you heard of Dr Umar Johnson, Dr Clude Anderson, Neely Fuller, Tariq Nasheed or theblackauthority? If not you should check out their lectures & videos on YouTube. You will not regret it.

Yes I’ve heard of all of these people. They keep me up on knowledge!